According to a study conducted by NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education), India is short of 1.2 million teachers and nearly 60% of the existing teachers need to be retrained. The poor results of the Teacher Eligibility Test, where less than 11 % of the teachers in 2012 cleared the test, is a strong indicator for the need for in-‐service teacher support.

Scholowiz is a service provider, offering teacher professional development program to schools. We integrate best practices in education delivery with technology in a customized manner to empower the most crucial resource – the teachers - in the learning ecosystem.

Our Theory of Change

Our theory of change revolves around making school operators aware of the challenges faced by the teachers due to inadequate support, which leads to teachers being unsatisfied at work. Our program focuses on reducing the stress levels of teachers and promoting their professional development. This gives teachers fewer reasons to leave their work for a marginal increment in salary.

Through our program we motivate the teachers by recognizing their micro-innovations in their classrooms and sharing it with their peers. This also leads to a culture of collaboration, thereby creating an affinity within the teacher community. We believe that this would ultimately lead to the development of the teaching profession to attract young and talented people into the profession.